Aurelia B20S 2500 GT - 1956

Marke: Lancia
Color: Dunkelblau
Interior: Leder Blau
Special feature: 1956 Lancia Aurelia B20S 2500 GT Prototyp - 5th series und LDH, restored by B.F Touring Garage
Price: Sold
Contact: Martin Hinterstocker

The car in question is a very particular example and like no other Aurelia built. This has been confirmed by the well-known and recognize B&F Touring Garage in Troisdorf when they restored the car in 1990. When comparing it to other cars of all Aurelia series every panel is different and of different measurements. Also clearly visible is the influence of Franco Scaglione who at this time was working at Bertone as the similarity to the Giulietta Sprint is clear to see. Firstly, the roof line is flatter than a standard series 4, 5 or 6. The rear window is also much flatter and larger, not curved like the standard cars were. The rear side windows are much longer and have a different shape. The rear wings are also straighter than series 5 or 6 car. The lights protrudes further outwards from the body. Technical differences are also evident. Among other things on the front axle, servo assisted disc brakes are fitted, a fully synchronized four-speed gearbox with reinforced gearbox housing is also fitted on the car. The gearbox has a 813.00 number, 0005, a very early version of the Flaminia gearbox from 1957. All these elements, when checked by a recognized specialist, would strongly suggest that this car was a development mule for Lancia on an abandoned design proposal, possibly from Bertone or Boano. Some changes were discarded and others went into production with later Aurelia models. The disc brakes and the gearbox only came with the later Flaminia. What has been told by the car's previous owner and restorer of the car is that the it was stored at the back of Lancia factory till the 60s when one of Lancias engineers managed to buy the car. He kept the car till he was pensioned off and moved to Chiasso in Switzerland. The car was then acquired by Egon Libotte from Lugano Paradiso in Switzerland on the 1st of November 1965. A third owner follows who remains unknown and the car is sold to Peter Bazille of B&F Touring Garage in 2001. A four year restoration follows and Bazille sells the car to a German collector in Duisburg in 2005. The car is then sold to the current owner in 2013. The specifications of the car today is exactly as it was, when it arrived for restoration. The same colour combination and the car is it was fitted with leather seats which was an option on the Aurelias, this option was however, not so common with Aurelias. Pictures of the body when it was stripped of paint are also available where a specialist can clearly see the high quality of the work done on the bodywork at the period. The car has been maintained and received a 2nd overhaul in 2005 after which the current owner took possession of the car. It has been used on various rallies and events by the current owner and has always performed perfectly. The restoration is a very nice older restoration and the car has been very well maintained. This car was probably a development car made at the period maybe for the series 6 Aurelia or the Flaminia that somehow escaped destruction. No documents exist to support this, only circumstantial evidence here are provided but after a full restoration by one of the most renowned expert of Flaminia who has confirmed during the restoration the very particular features of the car.