Ferrari 512 BB - 1981

Marke: Ferrari
Color: Red
Interior: Leather beige
Special feature: 512 BB, Toolkit, service new!
Price: Sold
Contact: Martin Wagner

Beautiful Ferrari 512 BB in classic red and beige interior with just 48,579 kilometres. The car was delivered in Italy on 15.07.1981 and remained there until 2014. The Ferrari still has Italian papers. The 512 BB was the successor of the 365 GT4/BB. The new engine with a full five litre capacity promised even better performance and after all 12 more horsepower. Despite the racing car technology, the 512 BB was only used in racing to a limited extent. For example, the use of various French teams at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (512 BB LM) became known. Only 929 of the 512 BB were built. Our car had a big service in 2018 with some wear and tear work like: Valve covers ice-blasted and newly painted, toothed belts as well as the tension rollers replaced, engine removed and installed as well as sealed, Simmerring drive renewed and much more. Get this very special 512 BB Ferrari, with first-class technology and beautiful Pininfarina body.